What is Alinea?

The definition of ‘Alinea’ is the beginning of a new train of thought; a new way of doing things. To us it means approaching each and every project with creativity and innovation.

We are committed to excellence in design

While our work is devoted to a concern for beauty, light, spatial relationships, honest expression of materials, order and craftsmanship, it is guided by our commitment to sustainability. Through innovative, responsible design and professional leadership, we strive to create architecture that is current, meaningful and reflective of the values of our clients.

We understand the value of teamwork

We believe that the best projects are the product of team collaboration. From owners to contractors, engineers to planners, we encourage all stakeholders to be involved in the project from its inception in order to make critical design decisions about building materials and systems that form the basis of the design early on in the process. Our culture is built on the diverse experiences and viewpoints of our talented staff and partners, and we believe that leveraging our differences makes us better able to find innovative solutions for our clients.

We design for sustainability

Designing sustainable buildings means more than incorporating green, energy efficient elements. We give considerable thought during design to the proper placement of the building; evaluating the site, climate and natural resources of the region. Evaluating each of these elements holistically, we can then provide recommendations to maximize sustainability. We view sustainable design as essential to our work, but equally important to us when thinking about what type of world we want to leave to the next generation.

Our Team

Katherine Sosa
Luis Sosa
Adamo Caputo
Melissa Brutto
Gurneet Kaur

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